March 21, 2022

Camp Cope - "Jealous"

On Friday, Camp Cope will release their new album Running with the Hurricane. Today, they've shared one more single, "Jealous."

There are a lot of great bands out there right now reclaiming indie rock and making it cool again. Bands like Snail Mail, The Beths, Soccer Mommy, Big Thief, the women of boygenius, Widowspeak, Sheer Mag, and The Linda Lindas (amongst many others) have all strapped on guitars and helped reignite the rock and roll flame. However, it's Camp Cope's Georgia Maq and her pristine vocals that are setting this band apart from the rest. As the lead singer of the band, she sings with such distinction that you'll never mistake her for anyone else. Every word has purpose and she belts with stunning poise getting the most out of each and every note. The range captured here is off the charts and elevates the group to another level as her vocals add a new sonic element that makes them real standouts. She not only makes her point known with each song, but she demands your attention as well. It's been four years since we the last record from Camp Cope, but this week they're back with a fiery vengeance and these supremely rocking songs are sure to ignite some passion with each and every listen. "Jealous" doesn't strike with the same jolt as the album's self-titled track or the previously shared "Blue," but the steady jam continues to shape their sound and adds a new layer to their already proven ability to write surging rock songs. This is classic sounding indie rock, but it's Maq's voice that puts this group above the rest and gives the band their hallmark sound.

Running with the Hurricane is out Friday, March 25, via Run for Cover.

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