March 22, 2022

Hatchie - "Lights On"

Hatchie will release her new album, Giving The World Away, in April and today she's shared the new single and album opener, "Lights On."

The latest from Hatchie is an absolutely glowing pop song full of digital passion and charm with a ton of '80s nostalgia thrown into the mix. The opening feels like a tribute to Tears for Fear's "Head Over Heels" before giving way to illustrious, neon-tinged melodies. It shimmers from the moment it starts and captures the magic of '80s dream-pop with absolute wonder. There are hints of Cocteau Twins soaring grandeur and vocal melodies and a bit of New Order's dance passion giving it a solid groove as well. "'Lights On' was one of the first songs written for this album and set me on a path of writing more honestly and personally than previously," Hatchie says in a press release. "I don’t often write about physical attraction, but wanted to peel back the layers of a certain type of relationship. The video was conceptualized around a blend of our favourite sci-fi influences from the last 30 years relating to the title of the song." While many artists can feel like a rehash of the past, Hatchie makes her influences clear and takes her history seriously. This isn't a retread of the past, but rather a new twist on old tricks.

Giving The World Away is out April 22 via Secretly Canadian.

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