February 1, 2022

The Linda Lindas - "Growing Up"

After going viral last year with their performance of "Racist Sexist Boy" from an LA Public Library, the Linda Lindas became a near instant punk rock sensation. They've now announced a new full-length album and shared the lead single.

The Linda Lindas are untouchable. After the internet went into a frenzy over these four teenagers and their incredible talent, the group has been riding a wave of much deserved success. Not long after they became a heightened sensation, they signed to Epitaph and began making appearances on festival posters and opening for some big names across the country. Now, the band has announced their brand new album and shared the title track, aptly titled "Growing Up." This is another sharp and well polished track that feels larger than life and well-primed for the big stages already in their immediate future. There is a pop-punk tenacity and urgency that hypes up the track from the get-go and never lets go. Lurching bass and steady percussion anchor the track before surging guitars pick up steam and kick-in to a blissed-out chorus. Everyone thinks their high school band sounds this good when blasting away in their parent's garage, but the Linda Lindas make their dreams an actual reality.

Growing Up is out April 8 via Epitaph.

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