February 15, 2022

Kurt Vile - "Like Exploding Stars"

Kurt Vile has announced his new album, (watch my moves), and shared the spacey lead single, "Like Exploding Stars."

Blasted. Stoned. Vibin'. Dazed. All of those words feel like very viable ways to describe the sound of Kurt Vile's particular strain of blissed-out indie rock. You can also add spaced-out to that list and it sounds more apparent than ever on his latest single, "Like Exploding Stones." His typical warbled vocals hit with a soft croon as he garbles out his most recent faded classic. "Cool, calm, and collected" is how he describes himself here, as if there was ever any doubt, and he now seems to be fully adrift and headed to the outer cosmos. His preference for lush, golden guitar tones is upgraded for some sparkling synths on this go around and he's joined by Sun Ra Arkestra member James Stewart as he glides away from Earth. There is the usual woozy, gauzy, and clouded guitar work that over takes the track like a plume of smoke, drenching it in a sepia-toned cloud that embeds itself directly into the song. Kurt has also sounded focuses, even when he seems to drift off into melodic spirals that fall in on themselves, and he still has that going for him here, but his voice sounds particularly cracked and dustier than usual putting the attention clearly on the sound and overall vibe, man. There's a perpetual feeling in music to always push yourself, take risks, and find ways to change up your sound. Kurt, however, remains that consistent friend who is at home on their couch, down to have you over for a chill time and ready to blast-off into space just when you need it.

(watch my moves) is out April 15 via Verve Records.

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