February 9, 2022

The Beths - "A Real Thing"

The Beths have shared a new song, their first since their 2020 album Jump Rope Gazers.

The Beths have a real knack for urgent, jangle pop that is sure to light a fire under anyone who hears their songs. Strong guitar leads set the pace for their rambunctious tunes and steady drumming helps keep things full-throttle. "A Real Thing" is another stunning example of just how well the quartet can capture anxious moods and pair them with bright, exhilarating melodies. This one hits with full force and goes from zero to one hundred in the blink of an eye and never finds time to slow things down. "This song is a kind of anxiety dream. It's a bit muddled, a bit frantic, a bit sinister" says lead singer Liz Stokes. According to the band, the song was written "in late 2020, following the election in New Zealand and the U.S, attempting to reach for optimism about the future, but ultimately playing more apocalyptic scenarios of climate change in her head." You can hear and feel the energy described here in immaculate detail and it's almost as if the band can't keep their thoughts contained. The fervent rush demands attention and calls you in close, almost like you're joining in on the action even though you're just listening. When the chorus hits, there is a sort or relief that this isn't something for one to tackle on their own, but instead, that this is something we're all in together. It's a joyous number that is indeed anxious, but that is diluted with its communal approach and overall camaraderie giving way to a rousing and cathartic anthem begging to be heard in a crowd of excited fans. 

"A Real Thing" is available now via Carpark Records.

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