February 16, 2022

Tomberlin - "happy accident"

Tomberlin has announced her sophomore album and shared one of her most powerful songs to date.

Metallic guitars ricochet over an expansive opening just before a lilting riff sets a theme. There are some rough edges and raw emotions that hit us even before the aching voice of Tomberlin gives us even more texture and slowly, it all builds towards the mid-song climax. "happy accident" isn't a jolting burst of energy, but it is a powerful, definitive statement that sets an aim and hits a bullseye. Her vocals soar, giving us a huge glimpse at her range and exceptional delivery methods all of which are pulled together through her unique lyrical wisdom. The song isn't just a musical journey, but one of her own self-discovery and one that validates her own self-worth. Break ups aren't easy and can often lead us to question things outside of the relationship as well. Am I the problem? Am I worth it? Can I be loved? What's the point of keeping at it if we think it's just going to end? Sarah Beth Tomberlin has been asking herself these questions too, it seems, but just as the guitar bursts and unravels itself through a burgeoning solo, she ultimately arrives at the realization that she is worth it and this relationship is too. "I'm no accident" she declares and the ending hasn't been decided upon yet. There is still more to discover.

I Don’t Know Who Needs to Hear This… is out April 29 via Saddle Creek.

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