February 8, 2022

KOKOROKO - "Something's Going On"

London jazz ensemble KOKOROKO have shared their first song of 2022, the elegant "Something's Going On."

The eight-piece collective known as KOKOROKO were gearing up for a bright future right before the pandemic hit. They garnered acclaim with their track "Abusey Junction" which led to the promising EP of the same name. However, when COVID hit, the band lost some steam just like the rest of us and while they still released some great singles, it's left things a bit unclear. Now, the group has shared "Something's Going On" and it hints at a bright future for the group. Starting things off with a slow, but subtle funk laden groove, the track blossoms into one with warm, welcoming energy that celebrates West African rhythms and pairs it with blown-out '70s indebted psychedelic music. It's the sound of the band coming together through darkness and finding the light. Everyone's experience throughout the past two years has been unique, but at times we've shared some universal themes that have brought us closer together, or as the band says, it's given us "a collective solidarity." Something is indeed going on, for all of us, and we're lucky to join KOKOROKO on this journey.

"Something's Going On" is out now via Brownswood Recordings.

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