February 2, 2022

Kamasi Washington - "The Garden Path"

Following last year's awesome "Sun Kissed Child," Kamasi Washington has shared another new song, "The Garden Path."

As we await the follow-up to 2018's epic Heaven and Earth, saxophonist and bandleader Kamasi Washington has shared his first new tune of 2022. "The Garden Path" is yet another blast of interstellar cosmic jazz from the virtuosic frontman. A vibrant piece that is just as colorful, twisted, and complex as its cover art, it continues Washington's journey as a leader in the new vanguard of contemporary jazz. "The world feels turned upside down," says Washington of the song. "There’s so much push and pull in every direction, from everyone you meet—no one knows what to think, who to believe, or how to approach life right now. No matter how smart you are, it's hard not to feel blind." The song moves along in a multitude of directions, with furious rhythms, charged brass, and a euphoric shuffle that moves at a rapid pace. The track moves through a flow of wonderful harmony that eases its grip to allow for expansive solos before collecting itself back together for a unified groove. There is slight tension which equates to the uneasiness of moving through life in our current state, but the sophistication and coalition of the band provide a comfort that things are moving forward in a better direction.

"The Garden Path" is available now via Young.

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