January 31, 2022

The Range - "Bicameral"

"Bicamerla" is a new single from the The Range, the producer's first new material in six years.

The last time we had proper new material from The Range was 2016's excellent Potential. In the years since, James Hinton has remained relatively removed from the scene. He released a documentary in 2016 and hopped on a song with Tourist in 2020, but "Bicamerla" is a true single that hits on IDM, techno, and rave music with shuffling hit-hats and a looping vocal that strikes a groove as it weaves throughout the beat. “I began working on it while on a retreat in Nicaragua in 2016, and finished it in 2020 in Vermont, and so it uniquely captures a lot of the extreme positive and negative memories over that time,” Hinton stated. “In this song the original vocal that I sampled – a song called ‘The Road’ by the Eritrean singer Bemnet Tekleyohannes – is ‘When you lighten’ but I like that the interpretation of ‘When you lied – when you lied to me’ is equally readable as the phrase repeats and changes.” There's no word if there could be an album on the way, but new material in any form from The Range is a wonderful retreat to the dance floor and "Bicameral" brings an instant energy. Steel drums join the mold around the half-way mark to give a tropical vibes just as the song peaks before it comes back down for a full force on the floor finale.

"Bicameral" is out now via Domino.

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