February 10, 2022

Fred again.. - "Admit It (U Don't Want 2)" (ft India Jordan)

Fred again.. are back with another rapturous single that was made for late nights on the dance floor.

Following last month's glowing collaboration with Romy, Fred again.. have shared another single, this time with India Jordan. "Admit It (U Don't Want 2)" is an instantly soaring, late-night epic that is primed for the dance floor. Throbbing rhythms find a groove and take over the track giving it incredible allure that begs for it to be played at earsplitting volumes in a club. When speaking about the track, Fred again.. commented: 

It was such an effortless joy working with India on this. We made it in like three sessions and finished it on the rooftop where I live. It was sick that like while we were working on it India could go and road test it when they’d play out and we ended up evolving the tune based on the reaction. We both wanted to make something that just honoured the feeling of hearing "u don’t want 2…..admit that it hurts you" in a rave. That line really resonated with us.

It's hard to imagine hearing this song blaring out of speakers and not instantly getting lost in the beats, but also feeling triumph in those lyrics taking over a club or space collectively. Whether you're following the lasers to a good time or bringing the party to your own house, this one needs to be part of the soundtrack to a night full of memories and good times.

“Admit It (U Don’t Want 2)” is out now via Atlantic.

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