January 7, 2022

The Reds, Pinks and Purples - "I Still Owe You Everything"

Next month, Glenn Donaldson will release his new album under his Reds, Pinks and Purples moniker, but today, he's shared two new standalone tracks.

Continuing his incredible streak of new music, Donaldson shared these two new tracks seemingly out of the blue today with little details. "leaking my own stuff is my hobby" he tweeted along with a link to his Bandcamp which hosts the two new songs. "I Still Owe You Everything" is full of the bright, guitar-driven pop that has embraced his past records and gives ode to the more melodic, dream-pop stylings of the '80s while still staying deeply embedded in traditional lo-fi indie rock. There is a bit of a stinging guitar solo that sizzles with more heat than we've heard before, but it's more of the warm pastels sonics with the hues turned up. "Break Up the Band" is a somber piano ballad that really pulls at the heart strings as Glenn decries about just what the title suggests. While other Red, Pinks and Purples tracks seem to reflect the sunnier sides of San Francisco, this one is definitely a number for gloomy, overcast days. Donaldson's voice is in phenomenal form on these tracks as well. That might seem like an odd callout for this style of music, but his delivery and consistency is remarkable and it makes listening to these songs all the more comfortable. It's a trend you can anticipate and expect on his albums and one that holds true time and time again. It's a simple part of his music that adds a certain elegance to his pristine sound.

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