January 13, 2022

Sun June - "Reminded"

Sun June are releasing an expanded edition of last year's wonderful album, Somewhere, and it features three new songs including "Reminded."

"'Reminded' is about being captivated by someone you have a bad history with and wanting to reconcile with past mistakes, despite it being the most unhealthy decision. It’s about gazing narrowly into an old flame," said the group's Laura Colwell said in a statement, continuing: "Basically, it's the sexiest song we’ve ever written. The song leans so far into romance that we thought it would be fun to add some sax. Justin got to arrange it all, and then we had local saxophonist David Alvarez (from Medellin Collection, and Hyah!) lay it down." Backed with a steady beat, the track slowly progresses with light guitar work, smooth sax, lush vocals, and a slightly twinkle. It's the same melodic, dreamy, folk-pop we've grown accustomed to hearing from the group and the vocal work here is as elegant as ever. 

Somewhere+3 is out January 14 via Run For Cover/Keeled Scales.

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