January 14, 2022

Jack White - "Love is Selfish"

Jack White has two new albums prepared for 2022 and "Love is Selfish" is the first single from the second album, due in July.

After the electric and acoustic versions of "Taking Me Back" were released to announce the new two new albums, White returns with a proper standalone acoustic single. "Love is Selfish" is all skill and no flash. There aren't any studio tricks waiting for you here, just Jack and a guitar with a little bit of background percussion to keep the beat. This is a simple tune and not one you'd typically expect to hear from White as a single, it hits more like a deep cut or something you would've expected to find on his Acoustic Recordings compilation. Jack White is known as a songwriter, and a damn good one at that, but not usually in the sense of a singer-songwriter, more like a songwriter who is about to annihilate a solo his mighty axe. On "Love is Selfish," we're treated to something much more bare and plain than we would expect, but that's not to say the song is boring or lacking in any department. This is a great track that highlights White in a lone setting, where we're just left to focus on his voice and fingerpicking guitar, something we haven't done in a while, but like any classic song, it feels like an immediate hit in his catalogue. The guitar tones are warm and inviting, his voice unmistakable. This sounds like a classic Jack song and a classic song in every sense as well.

Entering Heaven Alive is out July 22 via Third Man Records.

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