January 20, 2022

Daniel Rossen - "Shadow in the Frame"

Daniel Rossen has announced his debut solo album. The record is called You Belong There and today he's shared the lead single, "Shadow in the Frame."

In the five years since Grizzly Bear's last album, the underrated Painted Ruins, the band has been pretty silent and based on comments from founder Ed Droste, it doesn't seem like we should expect to hear anything from them anytime soon... or maybe ever. Somewhere in those five years, Daniel Rossen, the other singer and songwriter of the group, recorded tracks that would comprise his first-ever solo album, a follow-up to his lone EP from ten years ago. In some ways, "Shadow in the Frame" picks up where Grizzly Bear left off and anyone who has been hungry for more should be pretty satisfied. Rossen's nimble fingerpicking guitar work is an immediate stand-out as is his fragile vocal work. Lush strings and subtle woodwinds find their way into the track and it embraces the chamber-prog and baroque-pop that cemented GB as one of the most forward-thinking indie rock bands of the blog-era. Taking unique song structures and intricate rhythms, this is a meandering song that really hits all of Rossen's strengths and moves away from the more pop-focused sound of his band's biggest hits in favor of something more complex, yet equally as rewarding. This is a song that could come from no one else and hits hard with a quiet and subtle power. 

You Belong There is out April 8 via Warp.

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