January 12, 2022

Mitski - "Love Me More"

Mitski will follow-up 2018's Be The Cowboy on February 4 with her new album, Laurel Hell, and today she has shared the final advance single, "Love Me More."

Mitski has always been about performance and while she makes killer songs in the studio, it's how she presents them (and herself on stage) that really takes things to another level. In the past, Mitski has filled the rocker vibes with soaring anthems like "Your Best American Girl" that center around surging guitar to drive home the exclamation. Since then, her sound has taken on more of a synth direction and this is truly exemplified on "Love Me More." There is an '80s twinkle that runs like an undercurrent here as her chorus reaches blissful heights. The synths cut like daggers, but have a pristine shine that echoes with a sparkling wonder and cinematic quality. There is still her unmistakable vibrance here, but it's clear that the new album is ushering in a new Mitski. After her last album, she announced an indefinite hiatus from music. Now, she's clearly back and she has a new sound in tow, but it's not one that ignores her past. Lyrically, her words are as sharp and poignant as ever, we're just hearing them through a new audio landscape. Risks are scary things in the art world and often, they're met with mixed reviews. Mitski doesn't seemed concerned about that at all and why should she, her confidence continues to ascend and it's remarkable to watch this metamorphosis happen in real-time. Surprisingly, her lyrics like “if I keep myself at home, I won’t make the same mistake/ that I made for 15 years,” were written before the pandemic, but they feel as relevant as ever which makes them that much more inspiring. Mitski is writing songs for the ages and ones that will resonate for years to come.

Laurel Hell is out February 4 via Dead Oceans.

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