January 26, 2022

Widowspeak - "While You Wait"

The second single from Widowspeak's upcoming record, The Jacket, arrives with surreal beauty.

A warm, fluttering opening sequence grabs us and immediately pulls us in to the sweet, breezy track like a wafting aroma through an open window. Soft brushes across a snare, delicate guitar picking, and Molly Hamilton's honey-dipped voice are all the elements that meet for an elegant embrace as the song slowly glides along like a kite that's caught a gentle gust of wind. As an occasional electric guitar riff cuts through the kaleidoscopic haze, we're briefly taken out of this ultra-dreamy state in a flash or blink of the eye, and then we return to the graceful nature of the duo's hospitable, yet hypnotic folk rock. According to the band, the song is "sort of the opening credits scene, when the main character is going to their job and seeing the shift change of the city in the very early morning. Then in the second verse, they are leaving work and seeing nightlife start up again. Those simultaneous experiences are like cities within a city; there's always someone ending their day as someone else's is starting. It's also about the day-to-day work that supports more creative pursuits, and how when that's out of balance it can feel like you are on the outside looking in." There is serene comfort that permeates the song even as the guitar begins to rev-up at the end and it feels like those early moments each morning when you wake, but your eyes remain closed. Everything, if just for a moment, is peaceful and calm and Widowspeak is in full control.

The Jacket is out March 11 on Captured Tracks.

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