January 19, 2022

Beach House - "Illusion of Forever"

Beach House have shared the third chapter from their upcoming album, Once Twice Melody.

There is an eternal glow that surrounds each song from Beach House. This glow helps keep the feeling consistent and acts like the band's signature move that ties everything together. New flourishes, new sounds, new sparkles, they all come and go, but this glow remains a constant. It's like the fuzz of a peach, an unmistakable quality that separates them from the rest. So far, Once Twice Melody has captured the same wonder as every previous album by the group and they've proven themselves as one of the most consistent and dependable bands of the last fifteen years. You've come to know exactly what to expect from this band and each time, they deliver with brilliant results. The new selection of songs from their upcoming eight album are no different. "Illusion of Forever" basks in the warm riches of some Beach House's most luxurious textures, shimmering synths, lush vocals, tinkering percussion and reverb that swallows it whole. The kaleidoscopic nature of their whimsical dream-pop is as riveting as ever and even if this doesn't have the same tenacity as some of their bigger songs like "Ten Mile Stereo," "Myth," or even "Sparks," it still reaffirms how timeless they sound and how their cosmic sparkle continues to shine.

Once Twice Melody arrives on February 18 via Sub Pop.

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