May 5, 2021

Lydia Ainsworth - "Cosmic Dust"

Lydia Ainsworth's new album drops at the end of the month, but ahead of its release, she's shared another great new single. This one's called "Cosmic Dust."

On her newest track, Ainsworth reaches for the Pop stars and almost nails the execution. This is as close as she's come to releasing something that feels like it could almost be a pop hit or at least receive heavy air play. (If that's still a thing.) Like the title suggests, this one also reaches to the outer realms of space and gives a dream-like shimmer to the its wonderful structure. If there is such thing as onomatopoeia for a song, this is pretty close. You can practically hear the sparkle and shine glimmering off the track. "We are simply dirt, water and air animated by the sun for a particle moment; we will all soon be gone," Lydia says. "What is the legacy we leave behind if we keep hurting and devaluing other people’s existences? This song is about my hope for meaning beyond what feels like a nihilistic world order, one that turns a blind eye to injustice and abuse to each other and the planet."

Sparkle & Debris is out May 21.

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