May 19, 2021

Lucy Dacus - "VBS"

Lucy Dacus has shared another new song from her upcoming record, Home Video.

"VBS" starts off like almost any other Lucy Dacus song. Vibrant lyrics delivered with excellent articulation, steady guitar strums, and a solid beat. There are small flourishes that accent the track in wonderful spots, but overall the song sails on a very even plain. However, just before the song hits its final moments, everything is stripped down to gentle acoustic strums and Dacus makes a reference to "playing Slayer at full volume" just as a massive guitar surge takes over the song in extraordinary fashion. It's over almost before you can grasp what has happened and the song carries on just like it had previously. It's a brief, singular moment of pure song-writing genius and an instant reminder of Dacus' stunning talent.

Home Video is out June 25 via Matador.

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