May 6, 2021

HEALTH / Nine Inch Nails - "ISN'T EVERYONE"

Former tour-mates HEALTH and Nine Inch Nails have teamed up for a new track called "Isn't Everyone."

On first listen, "ISN'T EVERYONE" might not be exactly what you'd expect from this collaboration. This isn't a bruising, pummeling track that topples you with extreme noise and frenzied rhythms, but really something a bit more industrial and progressive. This is a more subdued kind of track that relishes in electronic textures instead of a blitzkrieg-type assault that you may expect. Although "little piggies can't help themselves" is a nice throwback from Trent sure to make any Downward Spiral fan feel totally elated, this is a bit more modern NIN. It's hard to picture this as a big arena or festival rocking anthem and really feels more intimate than one might expect. However, given Reznor's recent output of film scores and Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts VI and VII, this feels more on track with his latest activity. Mixed by Atticus Ross and produced by both groups, it's hard to tell where one influence and contribution begins and the other ends. HEALTH started the track, but left it pretty skeletal in form as they shared it with Reznor to allow for a proper collaboration and not a remix. In a lot of ways, it doesn't even feel like this is the work of two different bands, but rather a supergroup and a solid one at that. Even if this isn't what fans may have expected, it's nice to be surprised and hear something unexpected and that is the result on "Isn't Everyone."

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