May 26, 2021

Sleater-Kinney - "High in the Grass"

In a few weeks, Sleater-Kinney will release their new album Path of Wellness and today they've shared another new single.

"High in the Grass" starts off with a bit more intensity than the lead single "Worry With You." Loud, fuzzy guitars come to a boil with the help of a solid drum fill, but just as it starts to bubble over, the track hits a steady, mellow groove. Free from their usual, riff-heavy musical muscle, this one is all about Corin's voice and her power on it is undeniable. It's more of a power-pop hit than some of their punk past and trades some of their serious chops to allow Corin's voice to do the heavy lifting. Unsurprisingly, she sounds in full control on this one, not to say that isn't the case on other S-K tracks, but it feels a little extra (in a good way) here. 

Path of Wellness is out June 11.

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