May 14, 2021

Leon Bridges - "Motorbike"

Leon Bridges has announced his third record. It's called Gold-Digger Sounds and features the lead single "Motorbike."

After rising through the indie blog world and drawing comparisons to the '60s retro-Soul stylings of Sam Cooke, Leon Bridges has continued to push his sound to something a bit more modern. His sophomore record, Good Thing, added more texture and production values that boosted his sound and gave it a sleek shine and feel. On "Motorbike," his first single from his upcoming third album, Bridges sounds like a current-day pop star. There are still elements of his twisting and grooving early days, but this new one feels like his most polished R&B sound to date. There isn't the instant nostalgic feeling on this one and in turn, we find Bridges still singing that sweet melody, but through an unfiltered lens. 

Gold-Digger Sounds is out July 23 via Columbia.

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