May 20, 2021

Sharon Van Etten / Angel Olsen - "Like I Used To"

Sensational talents Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen have teamed up for their first collaborative single, "Like I Used To," and it's an instant hit.

A rollicking drum fill and we're off to the stars. Within seconds of their first collaborative track, Van Etten and Olsen immediately find their groove and hold on tight for nearly four and a half minutes to produce a stunning country-rock anthem. Their talents are wonderfully complimentary and neither take control of the song, suggesting true partnership, and create something that feels daringly bold and refreshingly comforting. Twinkling piano undercuts anthemic guitar riffs and crashing symbols give it that extra umph, pushing it to another level. It radiates a golden-sunlight feeling and sepia-toned sound, and hints towards what could possibly be an astounding creative partnership. It's a larger-than-life kind of song, one that exudes confidence, and feels like a defining statement from both artists. Their vocal harmonies melt together, producing brilliant moments of euphoria and sparkles of pure grandeur. A perfect track to put on blast as the credits roll or as you drive off into the sunset. It's hard to imagine this not being an epic set closer with a giant crowd really laying into the chorus for one massive sing-a-long, just like we used to do. This feels like just the beginning for these two and with such a massive first achievement, it would be criminal to keep it to just one song. Whatever may be in store for these two, "Like I Used To" is a remarkable triumph.

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