July 1, 2023

Hearts of Animals - "Crepe Myrtle"

Hearts of Animals has shared a new song, "Crepe Myrtle."

Mlee Marie has played in a number of bands, notably Daniel Johnston, and is currently a member of Texas rockers Alien Eyelid. When she's not in other groups, the artist records under the moniker Hearts of Animals and today she's shared the stirring new song, "Crepe Myrtle." Build around a simple guitar riff that brings forth acoustic, dream-pop vibes, Marie adds grounding bass underneath her breathy vocals that you'd imagine coming from Grouper if Liz Harris ever moved into a direct pop direction. Her soothing coos bring a lightness to the track and the emerging harmonies add soft delicacies to the song. Marie has described this as a softer, simpler sound and it comes to fruition with her raw emotions and lo-fi production. You could almost imagine this as a rough demo from an early Beach House recording before the synths add layers of fuzz, but mostly it sounds like the rumblings of a dream that's about to begin as you close your eyes and look up towards the sky on a warm summer day. Clarinet adds even more brightness to the song as the high notes drift effortlessly into the wind completing the cycle from which they started and brings the song to a finish on a whisper, gentle and soft, just like the end of any special dream.

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