July 5, 2023

Munya - "Un Deux Trois"

MUNYA has announced Jardin, her sophomore record, and shared the album's lead single, "Un Deux Trois."

As we hit peak summer mode, finding the seasonal jam is always a top priority. Whether that's the classic "song of the summer" bop, the rocking track to jam along with while your windows are down and the pedal hits the metal as you cruise down the highway, or the poolside chill number destined to cool you off just as things are heating up. "Un Deux Trois" from MUNYA falls into the last category. The effortlessly chill number hits with shimmering disco beats, funky guitar licks, smoldering bass, and a sunkissed shine that makes it seem like an obvious choice to soundtrack a luxurious pool party or one you'd hear cranking from a yacht in some exotic location. There's a hint of French touch to this one too with vocoder vocals slipping in as some slinking guitar hooks melt with bubbling synths. "MUNYA has always paid homage to Giorgio Moroder; I referenced him as early as 2018 when I released my first song," MUNYA (real name Josie Boivin) said when speaking about the track. "[It's] a tribute to him and the music he’s inspired, like Daft Punk’s incredible 'Giorgio by Moroder.' When Daft Punk broke up after 28 years, I was devastated, because they were among my favorite artists. You can hear Moroder's influence throughout Jardin, but this song is specifically for Daft Punk and all those who have loved Moroder's music. He's contributed so much to my career as an artist as he did theirs. Plus, the world needs more music like Daft Punk and Giorgio Moroder." The glowing French-Pop feel gives it a chic vibe as well, one that is sure to hit on a groovy playlist that basks in the haze of a summer sunset. An immediately satisfying song, it's best to enjoy it alongside a refreshing drink and as close to a pool as possible.

Jardin is out October 13.

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