July 13, 2023

Mutual Benefit - "Little Ways"

Jordan Lee, best known as Mutual Benefit, has announced his first new album in five years, Growing At The Edges, and shared the lead single, "Little Ways."

Back in 2013, Jordan Lee burst into the blogosphere with his project Mutual Benefit and the 2005 indie-folk era sounding album Love's Crushing Diamond. That was a great record that recalled freak-folk's poppier moments along with some splendid indie-pop melodies and it seemed like only a matter of time before he'd take on the role of as the face of the genre and the leading inspiration for many bearded men making bedroom recordings on their acoustic guitars and laptops. That didn't really pan out, but today Lee has announced his first new album as Mutual Benefit in five years and the lead single "Little Ways" is the exact song you'd expect to accompany this announcement. Gentle acoustic guitar slowly floats the track above some lush strings, twinkling keys, and glowing electric guitar that adds nice touches to this simple, yet elegant song. According to Lee:

“Little Ways” came out of a period in my 30s where acquaintances were buying houses and starting backyard gardens while I was still in a cramped Brooklyn apartment wondering if my life was stuck in place. I eventually found contentment through staying in the present moment and noticing how our inner and outer landscapes change a little each day and that it is our relationships that make a place meaningful.

There's a lot more of a country vibe to this one, changing the course of his folk inspiration into something with a bit more twang, but as wholesome as ever.

Growing At The Edges is out October 6.

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