July 18, 2023

Molly Burch - "Physical"

Molly Burch has announced a new album called Daydreamer that will be out in September and today she's shared the lead single, "Physical."

On her first offering from her new album, Molly Burch goes big. Her latest single is a primed hit that feels larger in scope than what we've heard from her in the past. This one is bold, confident, and jumps out of the speakers to take on something larger than itself. The synths stab with urgency while her vocals shimmer with a high-gloss sheen. The propulsive beat goes hard and conjures up an '80s feel with neon-clad melodies and tones, but where others could take on a retro vibe, this one launches into the present giving us a very "in the now" attitude. When speaking on the track, Burch recalled her adolescence and the insecurities she felt which pushed her to dream big and instigated her career as a musician. It's clear that big thinking comes across in spades on this track, the massive swell of emotions and the sure scale of what she's created feels next-level and certainly marks a big step forward in her career. The song's not just physical in name, but in sound as well.

Daydreamer is out September 29

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