June 30, 2023

Diana Ross played Radio City Music Hall

Undisputed icon and all-time diva Diana Ross brought her greatest hits to Radio City Music Hall for a night of jubilant superstardom and unrivaled star power.

When you write a song called "I'm Coming Out," you don't have many other options for an opening song to your concert and Ms. Diana Ross knows that's a fact and entertains her crowd exactly how they expect. Taking the stage at Radio City Music Hall, the living legend spent two hours dishing out hit after hit from her undeniable catalogue of hits and made sure to leave her adoring fans with nothing but the times of their lives. Back with four signers, a horn section, a string quartet, drums, guitar, and bass, the singer made sure her band was ready to tackle whatever she called out and she made sure to keep them and the crowd on the edge of their seats the entire evening as she dictated the set list in real time and exerted her real diva power by calling the shots with unapologetic behavior, just as any queen should and would do as they command the stage at one of the world's most prestigious venues. "You Can't Hurry Love" was an early highlight that showcased her Supremes era (although sadly we wouldn't get many of the other showstoppers she usually performs) and had the crowd on their feet swaying to the absolutely infectious pop hit that helped put her on the map over half a century ago and one that still sends shivers as a defining moment of perfect bubblegum pop. "Love Child" was another classic throwback to her girl group institution and kept the momentum going as she continued to crank out hit after hit. The night was a medley of her tracks from throughout her career as well as various covers that fell perfectly within her wheelhouse and ones that she made her own. Throughout the night, we were treated to four incredible costume changes, each one a sparkling sensation that somehow outdid the one prior from a white paint suit, to a green jumpsuit, to a ruby red gown, and eventually a dazzling wedding dress, nothing was off limits and she constantly one-up herself giving the crowd endless love and life. In total control, she corrected the band as they went into one song before saying "my list says 'Endless Love' is next and mine is correct" to which the band immediately transitioned into the timeless number that brought the house to their feet as everyone poured out their emotions through an magical singalong. She paid homage to Billie Holiday with projections of her in character lighting up the screen at the back of the stage as her flowing gown elevated the moment and put the entire night at a new elevation. Her renditions of "Fine and Mellow" as well as "God Bless the Child" honoring the icon with the utmost reverence. "Upside Down" was yet another triumph of the night as she traversed the stage, insisting the houselights come on so she could see the crowd, while a screen of sparkles shown behind her, bringing forward the ultimate disco vibes. "Home" her standout from The Wiz was an unexpected smash that once again left the crowd reeling as she hit notes that even she seemed to be surprised by and affirmed her status as one of the best of all time. "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" once again shook the room with people singing right back to her, the magnetism between her the crowd never loosing strength as the night wore on. She closed things out with a cover of "I Will Survive," that had the crowd dancing with pure elation and sent everyone home with true joy that is sure to radiate for an eternity.

Set list:

01 "I'm Coming Out"
02 "More Today Than Yesterday"
03 "Come See About Me"
04 "Reflections"
05 "You Can't Hurry Love"
06 "Love Child"
07 "The Boss"
08 "Touch Me in the Morning"
09 "Mirror, Mirror"
10 "Upside Down"
11 "Chain Reaction"
12 "He Lives in You"
13 "I'm Still Waiting"
14 "Endless Love"
15 "Home"
16 "Love Hangover"
17 "Take Me Higher"
18 "Ease on Down the Road"
19 "Fine and Mellow"
20 "Don't Explain"
21 "God Bless the Child"
22 "Tomorrow"
23 "I Still Believe"
24 "If the World Just Danced"
25 "Why Do Fools Fall In Love"
26 "Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)"
27 "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"
28 "I Will Survive"
29 "Thank You"

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