July 11, 2023

Jamila Woods - "Tiny Garden"

Jamila Woods has announced a new album called Water Made Us and shared its lead single, "Tiny Garden."

"Water Made Us feels like the most personal and vulnerable piece of art I've ever made. I love creating from source material, diving deep into a subject and extrapolating from what I discover." That's what Jamila Woods had to say about her upcoming new album and her first since 2019. She accompanied that statement with her new song called "Tiny Garden," a lush pop track that burst with life and blossoms with effervescent charm and delightful choruses that radiated with bright and bold melodies. "'Tiny Garden' is a song about the way my heart works, the slow and steady way I love. In my directorial debut I wanted to create a visual representation of how I often feel in relationships, like I'm having huge feelings that I end up expressing in small specific ways," Jamila continued. "The video takes place across two landscapes, the reality of a shared apartment at the tail end of winter and an imagined 'heartspace' where everything is lush and green. I worked with my friend and frequent collaborator Po Chop on the choreography, so that the movement becomes the key to merging these two worlds -- everywhere I dance, something grows." It's a lighthearted jam that springs into action with humble confidence and broadens into a full-on jam of euphoric pleasures. "It's not gonna be a big production" she sings, but everything on the track begs to differ and it's clear her attentiveness to this garden will grow to massive results.

Water Made Us is out October 13.

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