July 25, 2023

Patio - "Sixpence"

After releasing a new single earlier this year, Patio have announced their sophomore record and shared another new track.

An off-kilter drum beat leads the way into the new post-punk jam from rising trio Patio before cutting bass and scratchy guitar begin to fill out their sound. The direct vocal delivery gives a wry, instructional, and direct approach before the trio tightly congeal in a compact and harnessed format that brings everything into sharp focus. "'Sixpence' was conceived within an early 70s daydream of decadence, glamour, and self-indulgence. It's about false identities — how money helps us create illusions that affect how others perceive us, and how we perceive ourselves," the band shared in a statement. "Inspired by Roxy Music, David Bowie, and the lethargic boredom that remains when ambition is thwarted by apathy." In addition to the glam inspired performances, the band also harkens back to the early aughts sound of New York with a gritty tendency that brings the full-color bombast and the exuberance of disco and gives it a sharpened black and white filter that eerily recalls the tense period of isolation during which the song was written. The spoken-word aspect of vocalist Lindsey-Paige "LP" McCloy confronts and personifies the boredom aspect, yet the song cuts through the apathy to deliver a sense of self realization. "I always knew this was living, but I'm spent" Loren DiBlasi chimes in on the song's second half and while the group calls out the smoke and mirrors and the facade put forth by others, it's clear how Patio has crystalized into the real deal. The time of creation for the this album was tough and intense and the band isn't looking to turn it into something it's not. This is an expanded Patio sound and one the strikes with confidence.

Collection is out September 22.

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