March 22, 2023

Westerman - "Take"

Another new track from Westerman's upcoming sophomore album is here.

Westerman's lovely debut album was a wonderful piece of elegant synth-pop splendor that exploded evocative songwriting with crystalline, modern melodies that hinted at a bit of a retro sound while still feeling incredibly contemporary. On the latest single from his upcoming sophomore album, Westerman distills the synth sounds and turns up the bass which pairs wonderfully with a steady drum beat and his lingering croon. There's a jazzy groove to kick things off as his stunning vocal work finds its way into the invigorating melody while spindling guitar licks add moments of flourish and flicker with emphatic purpose. Of course, piano is still a vital element and while the glossy synth isn't totally gone, it's not as prevalent as some of his past numbers and gives the artist a new path to follow as he pushes his sound into new territory. The production values are as high as ever on this one and his voice still cuts like a knife as electronic textures are sprinkled throughout to give the track moments that truly sparkle. Westerman has said the track is about selfish behavior and the toxic impact it has on love so it's fitting that he ruminates over and repeats the line "taking breaks the heart of love" as the song builds to a climax.

An Inbuilt Fault is out May 5 via Partisan Records and Play It Again Sam

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