March 28, 2023

Jess Williamson - 'Hunter"

Country singer Jess Williamson has announced her new album and shared the lead single, "Hunter."

Last year, Jess Williamson made headlines when she formed her new band Plains with her friend Katie Crutchfield, better known as Waxahatchee. Following that fantastic album, Jess is back with a new solo record, a follow-up to 2020's Sorceress, and the lead single is an easy, breezing tune that captures her warm, hospitable vocals over gentle guitar and brushed drums. Standing strong on her own, Williamson sings her heart out while staying firmly in her register. "If you’ve been ghosted, if you've chased after an unavailable person, if you’ve been given crumbs when you need a full meal, 'Hunter' is a song for you," she said in a statement. "I wrote it during a time when I was heartbroken over a breakup and experimenting with dating in Los Angeles. That era felt like being thrown to the wolves, but it helped me to see myself and what I really wanted more clearly. This song is an anthem for the true lovers out there, anyone who is hunting for the real thing." Steely guitar twangs find their place as does a plinking piano riff on the track, all of which add to her delicate, yet glowing sensibilities. It's a simple, yet elegant tune that quivers with beauty and doesn't spend time focusing on what's lost, but rather on the hunt ahead.

Time Ain’t Accidental is out June 9 via Mexican Summer.

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