March 8, 2023

Róisín Murphy - "CooCool"

Róisín Murphy drops a breezy new dance track with production from DJ Koze.

No stranger to dance music, Róisín Murphy has been lighting up the club floor since her days as one-half of '90s trip-hop act Moloko. Following a string of successful solo records, Murphy returns today with a new track, her first for her new label home Ninja Tune, and this time she's linked up with the legendary DJ Koze. "That ol' magic's back / a warm flooding feeling" she softly proclaims as the track begins and without hesitation, she lulls us into a delicious vibe that wraps us up like a satin jump suit. Over soft disco melodies, crisp drum beats, and her whispering vocals, the duo unleash supremely sweet moments that offer up subtle grooves that will ensure you can boogie on down against a glowing sunset in the warmer seasons ahead. Yet why wait for summer? As the track suggests, "[defy] reason / let it be silly season, darling / All year round." This isn't too silly, however, but it is no doubt fun! Light horns and neon-flavored guitar add gentle flourishes to the track that make for shimmering melodies, perfect to soundtrack those late spring and early summer nights we're all craving at the moment. It feels classic and cool, like one you've already had playing in your head and one that will surely get your hips swaying as the dusk turns into night. It's not a banger like we've heard in the past, but it still packs in everything needed for a good time on the dance floor. Whether or not it's a warm-up track or an ideal come down is up to you (or your local DJ), but regardless, it feels almost impossible to have anything but a good time while dancing to this one. 

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