March 14, 2023

Drugdealer - "Lip Service"

Drugdealer has shared a new one-off single called "Lip Service."

Last year, Drugdealer returned with a new album called Hiding in Plain Sight. It was an album brimming with bright, '70's lite-FM, yacht-rock inspired panache that was perfect for glowing sunsets near a body of water or while consuming a refreshing beverage just before the night called for something a bit heavier. Today, they're back with another track filled with the same energy and an intro plucked right from The Cars' "Just What I Needed." "Lip Service" continues the nostalgia vibes that blossomed on the last album and once again finds the band hitting a sweet-spot for crooning, easy-going melodic power-pop that bursts with some glowing guitar solos. Slinking piano riffs are the underbelly to the track's wistful current while padded drums give it an extra umph and highlight the breakdowns in all the right ways. The sun-faded streaks come to life with ease on this one and it's once again sure to be a pleasurable mood booster that has hit right when we're all over this dreary winter season and eagerly anticipating those sun-kissed months that are just around the corner. Until then, warm up with this deliciously retro vibe as the countdown to summer slowly carries on. It might be just what you needed indeed.

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