March 2, 2023

Dilly Dally - "Colour of Joy"

Dilly Dally are calling it quits and have shared their final songs before their farewell show which will happen this spring.

Over the course of two rock-solid albums, Toronto's Dilly Dally helped to revive the '90s alt-rock sound that has been widely covered by myself over the past few years. Sadly, they've decided to end the band, but not before they could drop two more doozies on us to cement their role and significance in the rock resurgence. Both tracks waste no time in getting to the point of rocking out and each track features heavy guitar squalls that absolutely rip. "Morning Light," the perhaps more easy going of the pair, is a raw-boned rocker that chugs along over a steady rhythm and fuzzy guitar, but "Colour of Joy" is the one that really takes off to showcase the band's sheer power and driving force. A solid rhythm strikes to take hold of the track while dissonant guitar slowly makes its way to the forefront before absolutely shredding into a full on frenzy and bludgeoning wall of sound. Guitars are set ablaze on this one with some fiery solo work that just bleeds with buzzing washes of feedback. As the song hits its stride, everything locks into gear and the band takes off with heavy purpose. It's an absolutely soaring song that really finds its pace with brilliant form as it swirls together in a cacophony of shoegaze bliss. For a swan song, the band surely knows how to go out on top and leave us with one hell of a crushing memory that captures their sound to the utmost extreme.

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