March 9, 2023

Alan Braxe - "Never Coming Back" (ft Annie)

Alan Braxe shares a new track with Norweigian pop star Annie off his upcoming reissue of his classic The Upper Cuts.

The dance floor can be a special place. Many hope to find intimacy or a shared connection and the rhythm and pulse of a song can often be what sends sparks flying. Alan Braxe and Annie are no strangers to each other or the dance floor, but while they may be magnetic at getting people out to groove, their latest collaboration isn't the heartfelt love song many may expect. Through a slight tease, Annie lets us in on her agenda: "Everybody needs somebody/I need somebody too/Just not you-u-u." It's a dagger of a line, but the majestic groove is quick to ice the neon-streaked burn. Throbbing bass and nimble guitar anchor the disco rhythms and the vocoder applied to her voice as she blows-off her suitor slaps with a classic sequence sparkle. While the passion may be the object of desire for many, Annie glows with her effortlessly cool style, passing on this eager soul while floating along to the next. This love may not be one for the future, but this track certainly is and delivers the classic French Touch sound Braxe has been reinvigorating for the past year. "Never Coming Back" may be the name of this one, but it's clear that Braxe has indeed returned and in pristine form.

From Braxe: 

I first met Annie virtually, just listening to her vocals as I was remixing her song ‘Heartbeat’ in 2005. I could hear in her voice both softness and strength and I found it very touching. Since then I always thought that we should work on a song one day. Last year I sent her an instrumental demo and when she then told me that she was up for it, we recorded the vocals in Bergen, Norway and chose the theme of escaping a problematic relationship and regaining freedom.

Annie added: 

I’ve been such a fan of Alan Braxe and the universe of French house for years. And to me it’s the ultimate party music… takes me to the best place every time I listen to these ultimate classics. Years ago Alan B did a brilliant remix of my own single ‘Heartbeat,’ so it was so fun to do a track together after all this time. 'Never Coming Back' is basically about someone getting out of a toxic relationship. Tired of the past, looking for the future, and this time you’re finally on your own and ready for something new.

The Upper Cuts is out March 31.

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