March 30, 2023

Be Your Own PET - "Hand Grenade"

Garage-punks Be Your Own PET have shared their first new song in fifteen years.

The first incarnation of Be Your Own PET was a bit of a whirlwind. They released two records in just over two year, played a ton of shows, and then called it quits. Their brash, in your face style of garage-punk fit supremely into the rock and roll revival that had been set ablaze by acts like The White Stripes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and between 2006 and 2008, it seemed like the band was on the verge of blowing-up and taking over the world. But just as quickly as they rose to fame, they vanished and for fourteen years, they faded into the ether and were an often forgotten band who didn't seem to get the praise they rightfully deserved. Suddenly, last year the band clapped back and opened some shows for fellow Nashville rocker, Mr. Jack White and after rocking out all over SXSW, the band have shared their first new song in fifteen years. "Hand Grenade" is an immediate throwback to their raw intensity of dirty, no holds barred rock and roll that seems to have been processed through some static-filtered electronics, adding some new texture to their still ragged and raw-boned rock and roll demeanor. According to lead singer Jemina Pearl, "'Hand Grenade' started out as a threat to the people who harmed me, that I will make them suffer as I have suffered. But the song grew like a mirror to my own grief process, through anger, denial, sorrow. In the end I gain my power back not through violence, but through self acceptance and rejection of the labels others might put on me. I define myself, no one else." As of now, there's no announcement of a new record, but here's to hoping this fire is still burning bright and more raging rock and roll is in order.

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