March 24, 2023

Chat Pile - "Cut"

Following last year's excellent album God's Country and the soundtrack to the film Tenkiller, the almighty Chat Pile have announced a split EP with Nerver called Brothers in Christ and shared the first song, "Cut."

Picking up right where their glorious, brutal, sludge-filled record God's Country left off, the Oklahoma noise rockers Chat Pile have returned with a new song that once again goes hard as hell and adds more sinister soundscapes to their raging catalogue. Inspired by Stephen King novels, the band's bassist adds that "these tracks were written and recorded after we tracked God’s Country. We wanted to use this release as a deliberate excuse to switch gears and fully lean into our more indie and alt-rock tendencies. Slint, Sonic Youth, Guided By Voices, and Starfish’s Stellar Sonic Solutions were certainly on our minds at the time." The slow, lurching vibes of Slint are certainly apparent here and the metallic guitars are clearly inspired by the masterpiece that is Spiderland and the harsher moments of Sonic Youth's forays into noise also make clamoring appearances throughout the track giving the chaos and intensity their clear spots in the sun. The groaning, gravely vocal delivery once again reigns supreme on this one adding to the despair the band evokes oh so well. Pulverizing drums also anchor this track with pummeling snares and epic cymbal crashes accentuating the demonic guitar notes. It's an absolute scorcher and puts the band on the path as one of the best in their league, continuing to build the anticipation for whatever comes next.

Brothers In Christ is out April 14 on The Ghost Is Clear Records/Reptilian Records.

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