March 15, 2023

Frozen Soul - "Arsenal of War"

Death metallers Frozen Soul have a new album, Glacial Domination, due in May and today they've shared the bruising new single, "Arsenal of War."

In the background, a battle has commenced. We hear the clashing of swords, the firing of arrows, and a crash of armies. Suddenly, the band's righteous spirit kicks in and their death metal prowess combusts. Over pummeling drummers and wicked guitars, Texas' Frozen Soul reach deep within on their latest single to hit a vulnerable nerve while still striking with sinister force. Terrorizing guitars crash at break-neck speeds, double bass pedals annihilate a beat, and the gravel vocals bite with a fierce passion. There's a warped frenzy that hits, but around the 2:30 mark, things switch up and the band dives head first into  a steadfast beat that will comprise the remainder of the song. However, while things on the surface may appear straight-forward for fans of the band, the typical power does remain supreme, the underlying themes take things in a different direction. From vocalist Chad Green:

This song is special to me as it's about my late brother. We used to play Everquest and when I stopped, I gave him my character named 'Swiftarroww.' He played Swift for 20 years until he passed. The song reflects on his life, referencing the game and how he never let darkness change who he was. He shone bright and made everyone around him shine. Now that he's gone, we carry his light to keep the darkness at bay.

"I'll carry your light through dark and snow" he cries. "Righteous soul / To which I've sworn / I'll carry you / In my arsenal of war." It's a touching tribute that blasts its way through pain to create a sublime comfort which will carry on through the darkness.

Glacial Domination is out in May 19.

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