July 29, 2022

The Comet is Coming - "CODE"

The Comet is Coming have announced their fourth record, Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam, and shared the lead single, "CODE."

Led by the visionary Shabaka Hutchings, The Comet is Coming have risen from the London jazz underground and built their discography around afro-futurism grooves that are made for late-night festival jams. Taking a more cosmic approach than his other projects, Hutchings leads The Comet is Coming through galaxies of symphonic wonder and adds jazz flourishes to entrancing, rave-ready beats. From the press release, "this album has the unrelenting, driving and fiery muscle that Comet is known for, but creates a space where ideas about the future – dystopian or hopeful – technology, artificial intelligence, hidden meanings and transcendental transformations can exist." This is a huge sound, one that brings forth illustrious grooves and melodies that feel more appropriate for warehouse parties and festival tents than small, intimate jazz clubs. "CODE" feels massive and encompassing, and pushes the band's sound further into space than we've ever heard before, setting the tone for something truly special and out of this world.

Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam is out September 23 via Impulse! Records.

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