July 6, 2022

Alvvays - "Pharmacist"

Five years after their last record, Alvvays have announced the follow-up to Antisocialites and shared the great new song, "Pharmacist."

On their first new song in five years, Alvvays bring the heat. Taking queues from classic indie rock, dream-pop, and shoegaze, the Canadian quartet channel all of these sounds into a brief, yet fiery, song that is sure to set your speaks ablaze. Edging just past the two minute mark, the band wastes no time in announcing their return and do a stupendous job of bringing together a tight framework and ethereal vocals and scuzzy guitar. This one is covered in fuzz with thick, luscious reverb dominating the sound that burying the words of Molly Rankin deeply into the mix, adding more melodic textures to the group's core sound. Before you know it, the song combusts with distortion and implodes on itself with superb guitar squalls that further their trajectory into Loveless territory. We're lucky to get this one just as summer hits its peak and you're gonna wanna turn this one up at rooftop parties, backyard BBQs, and all of your other favorite seasonal activities. This one brings the heat, so bathe in all its glory.

Blue Rev is out October 7 via Polyvinyl.

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