July 19, 2022

Jessie Ware - "Free Yourself"

Jessie Ware's new era has begun!

It hasn't been long since we last heard from Jessie Ware. 2020's What's Your Pleasure and last year's deluxe edition follow-up are both still fresh and hopefully still receiving plenty of spins, especially ahead of her upcoming shows opening for Harry Styles. However, if for some reason you've worn through your copy of her last record, you're in luck as Ware states that her new era is here and it starts with the luxurious new track, "Free Yourself." As you can perhaps tell, we're in for a summer of dance as Beyoncé and Drake set forth with their house-inspired new tracks. However, while the pop megastars are reaching for techno and classic house music, Ware sticks to what she does best: groove-heavy disco. Sure techno and house draw influences from disco and you can feel all of those motifs flowing through Ware's new one and just like you'd expect, it'll pull you on to the dance floor and keep you there until you melt into a puddle of mirrored, glittery sweat. Dance music has always been about self-expression, losing yourself to the moment, and giving in to your inhibitions as you release yourself under a mirrorball and pulsating rhythms. Over the past several years, that's been hard to do, but if you're feeling hopeful, and Ware certainly is, this can be your key back into life and into the communal experience of gathering great vibes on the dance floor. As Ware says herself, "Enjoy yourself, Free Yourself!"

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