December 12, 2021

LCD Soundsystem played Brooklyn Steel (Night 12)

Halfway through their residency, LCD Soundsystem are as tight as ever!

Playing twenty shows on any tour can be tough, but playing twenty at the same venue is an interesting challenge. Keeping your energy sharp and excitement at a top-level isn't an easy task when you're in the same room every night, but LCD Soundsystem have found a way to not only stay engaging, but somehow get better with each night. For the last Saturday show of their rather epic hometown run, they pulled out all the stops and took the intensity to the stratosphere. Confidently covering Spacemen 3's "Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here)" was a fantastic intro and the blissed-out wash of sound warmed the crowd up before the band dropped a stellar "Get Innocuous!" to get things moving. The sound was also crystal clear for the night and every note hit with intention. The band could feel it too and James kept the chatter to a minimum and let the band stretch out the intros as much as possible. They were loud and in control, driving home their dance-punk ethos with an ever-evolving light display that has only enhanced throughout the run. "You Wanted a Hit" into "Tribulations" was, again, a top highlight of the night, the throbbing bass and fuzzed out guitars hitting a sweet spot that pushed the energy of the crowd over the top. The lights here also continue to bring the house down with repeated waves of enthusiasm. This was a truly raging show and the audience ate it up. As they've been doing, the night really belonged to their oldest tunes and those helped set the tone for the newer ones which had a bit more love from the crowd. It also created a nice balance and has been really exciting for those who have been to the post-reunion shows which celebrated American Dream. "Movement" and "Thrills" really slammed on the ignition so the energy would carry through more of the polyrhythmic numbers like their newer staple "Other Voices" and helped with the excellent pacing of the set list. "Someone Great" was another breather of a moment that still saw the crowd relish in joy and keep their euphoria at a pleasant high. The encore, as always, is the true hallmark of each night and one of the best moments in any show. "Dance Yrself Clean" continues to redefine itself and proves there is truly nothing else like hearing the beat drop and instantly feeling the mood of over a thousand other people elevate to new stages of nirvana. The intensity is the exact amount of extreme while also remaining entirely full of passion and elation. The crowd unites into one and the feeling of bliss rushes over the room unlike anything else in live music. It's a top moment not just of these runs, but one of the best experiences in any show. Following it up with "All My Friends" is perhaps one of the greatest flows in any concert set list and brings a truly remarkable show to a sensational close. For a band that has defined a decade and neighborhood, being able to revisit them and the associated memories is a highlight like no other and something I hope to always be able to take part in whenever they feel ready to bring the band band one more time. 

Set list:

01 "Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here)" [Spacemen 3 cover]
02 "Get Innocuous!"
03 "I Can Change"
04 "Time to Get Away"
05 "On Repeat"
06 "You Wanted a Hit"
07 "Tribulations"
08 "Movement"
09 "Thrills"
10 "Tonite"
11 "Other Voices"
12 "Someone Great"
13 "No Love Lost" [Joy Division cover]
14 "Home"
15 "Yr City's a Sucker"
16 "Dance Yrself Clean"
17 "New York, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down"
18 "All My Friends"

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