December 14, 2021

Big Thief - "No Reason"

Big Thief have shared more songs from their upcoming double-album, Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You, which is out in February.

At this point, trying to guess what Big Thief will do next is a near impossible challenge. The tracks that have been shared so far in the lead up to Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You don't seem to follow any linear path and "No Reason" is unlike anything we've heard so far (its b-side, "Spud Infinity" is yet another departure to a new sonic realm). This is a romantic tunes that sounds like a sunset. Soft drums rolls punctuate the track as group vocals join Adrianne Lenker to lift the song to soaring heights. At the center is a flute that winds its way through an open weave and takes the lead as the musical highlight. It's a breezy tune that feels rich and full of light, the brightness overpowering at times to the point where you can almost feel the sunlight on your face. Lenker's vocals are crystal clear on this one as well and bring the listener in close. Big Thief have always worked so well as a tight-knit group, and an almost cult-like one at that, but it feels especially true here. The music is tightly composed and we feel as if we're at the core with the sound wrapping us like a blanket. It's a cozy feeling and one of their warmest tracks yet.

Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You is out February 11 via 4AD.

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