December 13, 2021

Animal Collective - "Walker"

Animal Collective have shared the second single ahead of next year's Time Skiffs. Listen to "Walker" now!

The latest track from Animal Collective's new record, and first proper album since 2016, is entitled "Walker" and is a tribute to the late Scott Walker. There is a playful rhythm to the song and it bounces along with ease while buoyant synths brush against xylophone beats. Rich harmonies also bring the unification of the group to the forefront here and it's a joyful thing to hear. This is a relaxed Animal Collective and as they trail off at the end, it's reminiscent of their earlier days and less so the board-obsessed droning and electronic-focused version of the group. When talking to Zane Lowe about the new tune, Panda Bear said, “Mostly ‘Walker’ is a tribute to Scott Walker, who passed away around the time I began writing the song. Scott’s music has meant a lot to me, and he’ll always be a big inspiration. But there’s also a kind of exhaustion and resignation to the singer of ‘Walker’ that belies a darker layer.” Panda Bear settles in deep to the groove here and invites his friends to join the jam to bask in the warm reverbs and pastel tones. It's a sunny tune that immediately brightens the room as soon as you hit play.

Time Skiffs is out February 4 via Domino.

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