December 8, 2021

Beach House - "Over and Over"

Beach House share chapter 2 from their upcoming album, Once Twice Melody, which is out in full in February.

The second installment of Beach House's eighth record closes with the extended prog-lite jam, "Over and Over," a track that seems destined to close out their sets on their upcoming tour. The song builds slowly, like the best of them, and around the halfway mark, twinkling notes emerge to give it a moment of suspension, a weightless feeling like drifting slowly through space. Beach House are taking risks here and watching them pay off with tremendous results. At over seven minutes in length, this clocks in as one of the band's longest tracks and finds them at their most daring moments. This is a darker dream-pop than we've heard before, but is still unmistakably Beach House. The shimmer and sparkle remain, but something new presents itself as well. It's moodier and reaches towards psychedelia in their most profound effort. Beach House has always sounded confident and even when their production values were a bit sub-par, their music still soared to exquisite heights. At this stage in their career, Victoria and Alex has made their own galaxy with each album acting as a new planet of wonder and this is shaping up to be one of their most splendid creations yet.

Once Twice Melody is out February 18 via Sub Pop (US) / Bella Union (UK/Europe) / Mistletone (Australia / New Zealand).

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