December 2, 2021

LCD Soundsystem played Brooklyn Steel (Night 5)

The LCD Soundsystem residency at Brooklyn Steel continues.

On night 5 of their 20 show residency at Williamsburg's Brooklyn Steel, James Murphy and company didn't add anything new to the set list, but still brought the hits. "That's the oldest LCD song and we're the oldest LCD" he said after opening with the what now seems to be standard "Beat Connection." "We're playing a lot of old songs because it's fun for us" he chimed in not too long after that before continuing with some of their classic mid-aughts material. While the band still sounded great, the crowd wasn't and a lot of people seemed to be having full-blown conversations throughout the night and despite James also asking for people to not take videos because it's not very fun to play in front of a crowd full of phones, many didn't seem to obey. Luckily, the hits kept coming and getting lost in the music helped to distract from the disrespect that infiltrated the audience. For only the second time ever, the band busted out "Other Voices" from 2017's American Dream, a very Talking Heads-esque song that sounded fantastic and segued splendidly into "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House" which seems to be THE song to really elevate the mood of these shows. It hits hard and the crowd consistently goes nuts for the infectious "woohoo / yeah!" that carries the weight of the song. "How Do You Sleep?" made another appearance and the band seems to be getting more and more comfortable playing it live. The violin is also a wild thing to see played live during a dance show, but the texture gives the song an added edge and gives more clarity as to why it may have remained absent for so long. Other crowd favorites like "I Can Change," "Someone Great" and "Tonite" were sensational and brought the grooves to the forefront and left some energy for the more rocking tracks like "Thrills" and "Movement." As expected, the encore is still where the show really comes together and brings the audience in for the most intimate and emotional peaks of the night. The energy for "Dance Yrself Clean" remains unmatched and provides, perhaps, the best visual moments of the night with green, blue, and red lights hitting the crowd in such a way that it feels as if you're seeing everything in a new dimension. When the beat drops, nothing else in the world seems to matter. Of course, "New York, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down" pulls at the heart strings and makes the crowd homesick for a city that that is forever changing. Still, it all comes down to "All My Friends" closing out the night and sending everyone home in pure bliss. It's a feeling that no one ever wants to end and for fifteen more nights, it's a feeling that will continue to cap off unforgettable memories.

Set List:

01 "Beat Connection"
02 "Get Innocuous!"
03 "On Repeat"
04 "I Can Change"
05 "Losing My Edge"
06 "Tonite"
07 "Other Voices"
08 "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House"
09 "Someone Great"
10 "Thrills"
11 "How Do You Sleep?"
12 "Movement"
13 "Call the Police"
14 "No Love Lost" [Joy Division cover]
15 "Home"
16 "Yr City's a Sucker"
17 "Dance Yrself Clean"
18 "New York, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down"
19 "All My Friends"

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