October 3, 2019

Songs of 2019: Q3

We're now only a few months away from the end of the year and the start of 2020, but first here are a bunch of tracks that I had on heavy rotation all summer.

As we inch closer to the next decade, I'll be sharing my annual favorite albums and songs of the year list and attempting to name my favorites of the past ten years as well.  Until then, enjoy a bunch of songs from the past quarter of 2019. I spent a lot of the summer listening to the Purple Mountains record (my favorite of the year), then quickly mourning the death of David Berman and feeling endlessly sad. I continued to enjoy the new reissues from Stereolab, the return of Sleater-Kinney and Vivian Girls as well as the latest from Lightning Bolt, Wilco, and Sheer Mag. Normani's "Motivation" was also a top contender for my song of the summer. Overall, I hope there is something on here that catches your ear as well.

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