April 26, 2024

Spirit Ghost - "Dumb Eyed"

Spirit Ghost, the garage rock band led by Alex Whitelaw, is back with the new single "Dumb Eyed."

Taking queues from garage and surf rock with a healthy does of the indie rock cannon circa 2011, Spirit Ghost have made a name for themselves with their catchy hooks and grooving melodies. Following the release of last year's very good album Melting Right Before Your Eyes, the bedroom pop project is back with a new tune that brings swirling psych-inspired riffs with sunny solos that make for a jubilant track that feels both nostalgic and also refreshingly inspired. Playing everything but the drums, Whitelaw cruises along with blissful synth lines and matured guitar tones that signal some of his strongest songwriting to date and while this is a one-off track for now, it delivers on promising techniques that suggest the well is far from running dry on this jovial sound. "Dumb Eyed" succeeds on many levels whether it's the steady rhythm, the saturated vocals, or the beach shack guitar vibes and nails the vibe with impeccable form. It's a crisp tune with a bit of a '60s flair that feels equally like a blast from the past as it does modern and refined. The production values here are sharp and balanced, avoiding the typical haze and sun-faded styles that can typically come with this sort of throwback style, but Spirit Ghost excels in bringing the past to the present to create something that instantly feels like an all-timer.

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