April 16, 2024

Cassandra Jenkins - "Only One"

Cassandra Jenkins has announced her third album, My Light, My Destroyer, and shared the lead single "Only One."

When she released her astounding sophomore album An Overview on Phenomenal Nature, Cassandra Jenkins was ready to hang things up and move on from her solo music career. However once the reception for the album became apparent, it became clear that the the devotion from fans and desire for more music would keep her going. She toured for two more years, running on fumes, and is now ready to return with a brand new album. Our first taste of her third record continues the majestic spirit which dazzled listeners on the last go around and as she follows the path of brilliant sophistipop and ambient jazz influences which she so seamlessly blends with idyllic, psychedelic-folk it's revealed that she's once again found her creative spark. "Only One" is a lush first preview of the album, her vocals lifted supremely in the mix as glowing guitar wraps around her voice to give us that shimmering, ethereal quality that made her last album so remarkable. Weaving supernatural and spiritual wonderings with her everyday encounters, there's a certain magical feeling the resonates throughout the song and it's easy to get lost in the profound beauty. When speaking about the song, Jenkins has said that "it's about a Groundhog Day effect, finding yourself in the same situation over and over again, not knowing how to get out of that loop—and in some sense, an unwillingness to break a cycle because you're blinded by your circumstances." While finding yourself engrossed in a looping mystery may be overwhelming for some, Jenkins gives way to this natural awe and follows her instincts to find beauty in the unknown and with her as our guide, taking a leap into the beyond has never felt so promising.

My Light, My Destroyer is out July 12.

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